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Top 10 Pins

So as I explained, I’m addicted to Pinterest.  So I thought I would share my Top 10 Pins for this week. These are completely random, completely based on my mood, what I like, what I don’t, what I feel like, why I’m crazy etc.  But I figure it’s always nice to share things like this.  Hopefully they might help you, inspire you, or make you laugh like they did me.  #1 is at the top.  It’s St. Thomas, and I need to go there.

#2. I picked this one because it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I need some red shoes.  Red shoes are just cool.

#3.  This photograph inspires me to be a better photographer. I love the feel of it.  I love the grain.  Love, love love.  It’s by Séverine C. aka Sey 9.

$4.  Okay.  This might be weird but I have to tell you something.  I kinda have a thing for retro fridges.  They warm my heart.  Well, I mean not actually since they are refrigerators and cold..but you know what I mean.

#5.  Again, inspiration.  Not just for photography though but for life.  Love is so important and so is laughter.

#6. I picked this one because it reminded me of a couple of sculptures I did in college.  And this combined them all into one awesome piece that I should have known to do.  It just struck me like, “Oh, well yeah.  That would have worked.”

#7 Crafts!  Apparently you can get this map for cheap on amazon.  I’m thinking it would make a cute gift for someone.

#8. More photo inspiration!  This photo is done by Brooke Shaden and it is gorgeous.  All her photos play with gravity and ambiguity.  Some of them are really weird and kinda freaky but some of them are simply beautiful so just keep that in mind.

#9. Because I’m hungry.  No just kidding.  Because for some reason I have a really hard time baking potatoes in our oven.  So this recipe is for baked garlic potatoes in a crock pot!  You can check out the recipe HERE.

#10.  Straight truth.  That’s all it is.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Pins

  1. I’m only saying this as a travel guide and not bragging b/c I don’t do that sort of thing… St. Thomas is pretty good (been there twice) HOWEVER if you want a more islandy-non-tourist feel land in St. Thomas and then take the boat over to St. John and stay there. it’s more of a local scene, whereas St. Thomas is big on resort hotels. both are beautiful though and can’t go wrong no matter where your at (and while you’re there, don’t forget to come back with bottles of tasty Cruzan Rum at a mucchhhhhh cheaper price as it is from St. Croix (the 3rd island)).

    ps: i still dont understannndddd what pinterest actually is, and have yet to look into answer my own question about it’s existence

  2. Ah! To add to “For Better Genius’s” comment, this is actually a picture of St. John (Trunk Bay). I only know this because I’m a St. John addict. 😉 Love ALL of these pins!

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