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Photographs of Love

I recently ran across this article on  The article tells the story of the Lovings.  A family in Virginia who suffered many trials (literally court trials) and troubles because of their interracial marriage.  The case changed history.  LIFE Photographer Grey Villet captured these trials as well as intimate glimpses into the family’s life.

It’s hard to believe that 45 years ago, 16 states deemed marriage between two people of different races illegal.  We have come so far but still have so far to go.  This article really struck me and surprised me at how intimate the photographer was able to get with his subjects.  I’m sure he became almost like a house hold friend after photographing them for so long.  I truly admire the power of these photographs in a time when they were so controversial.  It’s photographs like these stand the test of time.

As Valentine’s Day approaches with all of its red hearts and candy, I think it’s a good reminder for us to take a look at a relationship that was undoubtedly bursting with true love.  It is a honor to hear the story of a couple who persevered through so many hardships and so much against them.   These black and white photographs are set to go on display at the International Center of Photography.  For the full article and more photographs, click here.


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