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People Pictures: Exercise One

As many of you loyal followers know, I am reading “People Pictures,” by Chris Orwig and attempting to complete the 30 exercises in the book.  Exercise One was getting back to basics.  Basics?? Who does basics?  This girl.  I completely agree with Chris in the first chapter when he says sometimes we need to take a breath and revisit what we know.  So here we go, back to basics.

One of my best friends and partner in crime, Kristin agreed to be my subject for Exercise One.  I will be forever grateful to her for helping further my photographic education.  I may even give her my first born child, but I’m not sure she would want it.  But I digress.  So as I said earlier, Exercise One was all about getting back to basics.  So, that means set up your settings ahead of time, turn off your auto focus, and take a deep breath.  Now, tell your subject you’re looking for real photos, no fake smiles, no overly posed stuff, just simple you, me, and the camera.  Now, take 10 photos in 10 minutes.

I believe this is the, “Please stop taking my picture,” look.

All in all it was a great exercise.  It reminded me to take my time and really “focus” on what I wanted to “focus” on.  Ah, photographer puns.  Thanks again to Kristin for being such a fun and beautiful subject.  Stay tuned for Exercise Two.


3 thoughts on “People Pictures: Exercise One

  1. I like this work a lot. There is no mastering the basics, only a long curve closer to perfection. Which doesn’t exist.

  2. NOW I understand what you were doing! Sorry for doubting you, I will be your subject anytime. And I would LOVE your firstborn…….but only to babysit and then hand back over to SpeedRacer when it throws up or starts crying.

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