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For Christmas, my amazing husband Speed Racer, gave me a pinhole lens for my digital camera!  In college I did a lot of film pinhole photographs and really loved doing it, so I have been excited to try it out.

Pinhole photography is just tons of fun.  If you’ve never checked it out before google it.  I think it just gives such a mysterious feel to your photographs.  I’m having a little trouble adjusting to doing it digitally though.  For whatever reason it seems harder to wrap my mind around, which is silly since it involves no going into the darkroom and seeing what you’ve got.   You see it on your screen and can take more if the exposure isn’t right.  And apparently I need to clean my camera because I have dust spots on my sensor, whoops!

Anyways, I plan to make my pinhole photographs into a series here on the blog, so stay tuned for more weird and mysterious photos from yours truly.


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