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Orange Hat

Do you remember those days in college when it was about 1am and you were working on a paper?  Your roommate had gone to bed and you were stuck.  Seriously STUCK.  There was that sense of helplessness, maybe even dread, that there was no one there to help you figure out this paper.  Unfortunately it’s not just college students who feel this either.  I’ve had this problem post college too.  Sometimes you just need someone else there to give you some pointers and help you with the creative process.  Well, meet my brother.

My brother Ben has been tutoring since 2008 and just graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing.  He recently launched this website Orangehat-Online Tutoring and Creative Editing.  As a proud undergraduate of the University of Virginia, you will always see my brother wearing his orange UVA hat.  Thus, the name of his website and company was born.

For years, my brother has helped me become a better writer.  There were many late nights where he would get a call from me saying, “Ben? Can you help me with something…”  But he was always there to help.  He is a patient, empowering, and encouraging tutor.  He’s even made selection and ordering easy!  And you get Ben’s words of wisdom from anywhere since it’s all online.  On his website you have the ability to purchase different packages to suit your need.  AND right now he is having a limited time Tutoring Special.  Ordering is through Paypal which makes it easy, but you don’t need a Paypal account to order.  Just a debit or credit card.

So are you are a college student needing help with a paper, an artist stuck on an artist statement, an author polishing up your book, or building a resume that will make you stand out?  Or are you a friend or parent who knows someone who needs help with their writing skills?  Then head over to Orangehat and check out your options.  I may be a little biased but having professional look at your work always helps.


2 thoughts on “Orange Hat

  1. by any chance, has good ol’ Ben (or you, for that matter) read the classic “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”? this is only relevant by some of the book’s discussion of what writing is, more than “proper” punctuation and rules, and it’s source and, in this regard, thinking of Ben’s masters in creative writing. it’s one of my favorite books of all time, and highly recommend it to anyone

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