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Scout and Terra

twobrowndogsI would like to present Terra and Scout!  Terra is on the left and Scout is on the right.  If you’re an International fan, like Speed Racer, then you will know exactly why they are named Terra and Scout.  Not familiar?  Here is one of Speed Racer’s adventures with Internationals. On Sunday one of my best friends Kristin and buddy in crime AND Mama to these adorable dogs, took me to the park (along with the dogs) for a day of fresh air.  We enjoyed hiking, chasing things, and some picture taking…the dogs did I mean…or erh…me.  If I were to make an album of these dogs I’d have to call it Brown Dogs in Brown, because they just look so good with this photo effect.

terrabwMs. Terra is a recent rescue.  She is a sweet old soul, although at times very much a puppy.  She was a little camera shy at first but eventually she came around some.

scoutinbrownMs. Scout is my little muse.  And as you may have noticed has been featured on this blog before.  But when I’m around her, I just can’t help but take her picture.  Look at those eyes!









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