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Sneak Peak and Some Shameless Self-Promotion

Rita's Gallery PicturesHere’s a quick sneak peak of my photos that are up at Rita’s Italian Ice in Market Square!

Photos at Rita's Italian IceNancy the owner of Rita’s Italian Ice on Market Square gave me the fabulous opportunity to display some of my work in her store.  I know many of you have busy Labor Day weekend plans but if you’re in the Knoxville area and doing First Friday tomorrow, check me out!   If you have never been to First Friday you should definitely go.  First Friday is just when different local galleries have up new artist each month, start on the first friday.  There is a lot of cool art in Knoxville, not to mention it’s a great way to meet people and get some free food (possibly free wine).  So if you’re parched from marchin’ around to all those hip galleries, stop by and get yourself a nice refreshing Italian Ice at Rita’s and peruse some dadgum fine art work while you’re at it.

Pictures at Rita's Italian Ice


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