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Meeting Orion, Part II

At 6:30 am Renee got up suddenly, when she came back to the bed she was clutching the bed spread.  The contractions were getting faster and stronger.  We started timing them and they were definitely coming on strong all of a sudden.  We called the midwife Rachel who was on her way.  In between painful contractions Renee mentioned that Rachel lived about an hour away, and it was morning traffic.  With her contractions going the way they were, it was going to be tight.

Around 7:00 am Miss Mo woke up.  We couldn’t get in touch with the babysitter who was suppose to come get her.  She came in and told Renee that she loved her and she was obviously concerned about her being in pain.  Erin and I automatically divided to conquer.  She went with Mo and got her some breakfast and set her up downstairs.  Meanwhile I tried to help Renee the best I could not knowing a thing about the birth process.  Renee was doing fantastic, she was strong, and although she screamed with the pain it was only natural.  I could tell though that things were progressing a lot faster than we had thought, and Rachel still had not arrived.

About 7:50 or so I got up to get Renee a wash cloth, and as I came around Renee I could just barely, BARELY see the baby’s head.  I would like to say that I said, “Whatevs, no big deal, I got this.”  But that was not the exact dialog that came to mind.  I’m not going to repeat the words that went through my head but I’m thinking you can probably guess.  I took a deep breath and realized that we would have to do our best, if their were complications we would call 9-1-1, but I would just have to catch the baby and wing it from there.  As I was sitting by Renee trying how to best think of how to have the, “Um, I’m going to deliver your baby with no training whatsoever” conversation, Rachel ran up the stairs.  It was 7:55, thank God.

After Rachel arrived it was a blur.  Erin had set Mo up with a tv show downstairs, so we carted Rachels gear upstairs and set it up.  We ran around responding to Rachel’s orders and getting together everything we needed.  Steve called and we put him on speaker phone as at 8:06 a beautiful baby boy was born.  Both Renee and Orion were healthy.  Moanna came in and cooed over her new baby brother and how cute his ears were.  We  got Renee situated in bed with her beautiful boy and we spent the next couple hours just enjoying the miracle.  Steve got there a few hours later and we all shed a little tears as we saw the family united.

Somehow in all the hussle and bussle I remembered to pick up my camera.  Which was a miracle in itself.  I’ve started the editing process and once I get them done and Renee has a chance to decide how much of her body she wants on the net, there will be another post of more pictures.  I’m sure Renee will also tell her side of the story, so keep a look out on her blog

Being so intimately involved in the birth was  a truly amazing experience for me.  Renee, thank you for putting your trust in me (though you didn’t have too much of a choice) and allowing me to be with you on such a beautiful day.

Know someone having a baby?  Are you bursting with a little someone as we speak?  Would you love to have someone document that day in a quiet way?  Please feel free to contact me at and continue checking the blog for birth photos.


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