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Meeting Orion, Part I

Two weeks ago, on Aug 2nd around 7:00am I was in the thick of helping to deliver a baby.  That’s right, you heard me, apparently adding midwife to my resume would be a good idea.

It all started a little after midnight on Monday night.  I was deep deep asleep when I heard my phone ringing.  Groggily I said hello and heard my friend Renee from say, “My water broke.”  Renee had asked me after she found out she was pregnant to photograph her birth.  She was planning to do a home birth and had kept me inform each step of the way.  However, her due date was August 25th.  I tried in my sleepiness to convey my concern about the baby being early but some how it came out wrong and all I remember Renee saying is, “Beth my water broke, I can’t put it back.”

So I calmly informed Speed Racer of the situation.  I believe I ran through the house saying, “Renee’s water broke!!! Renee’s water broke!!!” Cool as a cucumber that’s me.  Speed Racer helped me pack my things up and I hit the road for Atlanta.  Along the way I desperately tried not to speed but I didn’t do that great a job.  And I swiftly arrived at my destination at 4am.  I rushed into the house thinking all hell to have broke lose.  I expected birth to be in progress, people running around to do things like boil water, and them all waiting for me, the paparazzi to arrive.  Instead I entered into a sleepy house and found the “pregnancy manual” on the floor and open to the “unattended birth” page.  I freaked a little inside.

I finally texted Renee to see if she was asleep upstairs or writhing in pain alone.  She said she was resting and for me to come up.  She was all cozy in bed and I crawled in with her but just to anxious to sleep.  In the background there was spa music which would soon become the melody for our lives for a couple of days.  Renee told me that Steve, her husband, was on a business trip and was probably not going to make it home.  She said she had informed the midwife and she had told her just to relax and call her when her contractions got more severe.  She had also set up for a babysitter for her 4 yr old daughter Moanna, and her other friend Erin was on her way from NC.  Everything seem to be in order so we just chit chatted and tried to rest.  Around 4:30am Erin arrived and she crawled into bed as well, (Renee has a fabulously huge bed) and we all slept off and on for awhile.

6:30 came around and everything changed…

P.S. Since this story is going to be a pretty long one I’m going to break it up into a couple posts.  Keep checking for more of the story!


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