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Lake Lure

The end of July and beginning of August were a whirlwind of travel and unexpected events from weddings and births to vacation.  I’m sorry for my absence from the blog for so long, but if you permit me a little catch up we’ll get back on track.  So let’s start with a little vacation…

At the end of July my family packed up and headed to Lake Lure, NC for some time of relaxing on the lake.  We spent the week relaxing, reading, swimming, and hiking.  Some of you may have seen that hot steamy Daniel Day Louis movie called “Last of the Mohicans”?  Be still my beating heart.  But hotties aside, there are some beautiful mountains and landscapes in that movie which were filmed at a place near Lake Lure called Chimney Rock.  If you ever get a chance to go hike Chimney Rock I highly recommend it, the views are incredible.  However bring lots of water and your stair-master thighs.  Instead of a path there are many, many, many…MANY stairs.  But it is well worth the struggle.


One thought on “Lake Lure

  1. Beautiful – how did you get a photo of Chimney Rock with so few people on it? The NC State Parks should send you a big Thank You. My fave is the first pic of the lake. Thanks for sharing!

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