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Kristi and Justin

I had a great time doing Kristi and Justin’s engagement session.  These two are a hoot.  They kept me, and each other, laughing the entire time.

I really love a photo session that gets me out of the normal places I shoot and into the middle of nowhere.  We did this session in Scott County, TN and you go to nowhere and then you keep going to reach Scott County.  I know because me and my handy sidekick (and fabulous friend) got a little lost.  Sure it may have been that we were gabbing about life or it may have been our awesome directions like “turn down THE curvy road” but in either case we got lost, more lost, and um…a little more lost.  BUT when we finally reached the Garrett abode we were met by Kristi’s Mom and a hot plate of sausage and biscuits.  It was heaven on earth.  But back to these two love birds.  We had a great time goofing around, climbing around on rocks, getting in the river, and racing trains.  These two were up for anything and I think you can tell from the pictures how much they care about each other.

My trusty sidekick.


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