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Fly Away

Some of you may have realized that I was completely absent last week.  Some of you may have thought, “that lazy lazy runawayalice…” and in fact you would be right, “Ha!”  Actually I was lazy because I was on vacation. I have found that coming back from a vacation is very hard, sometimes harder than others depending on the vacation.  Often I just want to fly away.  This week I am struggling.  I’m trying to wrap my head around what I need to do but instead it’s drifting back to lazy days spent on the lake (more on that soon).  So for now, since it’s late, I’m going to let my thoughts go in their misguided ways and of course, share them with you.

1. Yesterday I made guacamole for Speed Racer and I.  I ate the whole bowl, I may have a problem.

2. I met two unexpected people today who truly brightened it.  The first was my dental hygienist, she just made me laugh and smile for no particular reason at all.  The second was a lovely lady at a dinner shoot I was doing.  I felt like she already knew me and she too made me laugh all throughout dinner.  Maybe we’re kindred spirits?

3. My sinuses hurt.

4. I have a lot of really fun and exciting things to do for my photography business (see here: http://www.runawayalice.com) which is awesome but makes me not want to go to my part time job.

5. I have a deep passionate desire to craft right now.

6. I really miss Speed Racer when he’s gone.

7. Even though I have eaten a huge meal, I really could go for a large papa johns pizza right now.

8. I’m falling in love with Zumba.

9. I should go to bed.

10. I should really go to bed.


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