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Chief Bald Eagle

For Father’s Day my Brother and I went to visit my Grandfather down in Portsmouth, VA.  It’s quite a long stretch from Knoxville to Portsmouth but it gave me a chance to catch up with my  brother.

Chief Bald Eagle is my Grandfather’s nickname.  He gives everyone a nickname and that’s his.  You might say it has something to do with a certain hair style that runs in our family, though he would tell you he still has curls on top.  My Grandfather spent most of his days as a breakman on the railroad.  He knows hard work and has an absolute love for the outdoors.  He grew up on a farm in North Carolina and can still out work me.  Most of all my Grandfather is a romantic.  After being separated from my Grandmother, Pretty Brown Eyes, for years by death, he is still very much in love.

My Grandfather is a man of his word, a man of God, a man who loves to tell stories and laugh, a man that loves his family and would do anything for them, and a man of integrity.  All of these traits hit me hard as I sat with him over the weekend, listened to all the stories some old and some new, and watched his stormy grey eyes light up as we told him about our lives.

After years and years of being with my Grandfather he can still surprise me.  Having been on the railroad for so long, he is a time conscious man.  Usually when we tell him when we need to leave, he starts gathering us up ten minutes early saying things like, “Traffic might be bad,” or “It’s getting late.”  This time he simply looked at me and said, “You can stay a bit longer if you want.”


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