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Lights Out

You may have heard that we’ve had some storms down here in Tennessee, and you’d have heard right.  The past week has been a parade of storm after intense storm.  Which accounts for my having been absent for so long.  I will admit, at first I was just running behind, but then we lost power….for a week.

I’m all about roughin’ it.  I love to camp, be outside, etc etc.  BUT it does make business a liiiiittle bit hard when you depend on electricity and the internet…and you have neither.  Tuesday night Speed Racer and I were watchin’ a little tv when I looked up and saw the flag outside our house completely horizontal and about to rip apart.  Then we lost power.  Speed Racer and I grabbed the kitties and headed for the basement.

The storm didn’t last long but it definitely did some damage.  This here was the main source of our problem.  The news said that 78,000 people were without power.

The first night was fun actually.  We entertained ourselves and relaxed.  Sure the house was hot but we got by just fine.  We did everything we were suppose to do…got all our perishable food into coolers with ice.  We were set.  Thursday night we had another set of storms just as bad.  That really did it for me.  I was ready to pull up stakes and go to some where with warm showers and AC.  Lucky for me I had a maternity session with the lovely Renee from (check her out she’s fabulous).  So I left Speed Racer and the kitties and headed down South for some AC.

Fortunately I got a text from Speed Racer Saturday night saying the power had finally come on!  Hooooray!   The kitties were happy, my husband was happy, and I was happy.  It does make you very grateful for what you have to do without for a couple of days.  I just hope we can continue to hold off any more bad storms.  As for now, I ask for your grace as I get caught up on a couple post.  Many more to come my friends!


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