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I’m a little Retro…

Sunbeam is not a kitchen appliance brand you hear much about anymore, at least not that I know of.  But here I am, a proud owner of a sunbeam stand mixer.

The Stand Mixer is the desire of every bakers heart.  I must admit that I’ve wanted one for quite awhile but just can’t quite bring myself to fork over the cash, although I think it is worth every penny.  This has often forced me to enter stand mixer giveaways on the inter-web until I’m cross-eyed and can’t remember my name.  So who came to the rescue?  My father.  He saw this little darling at his church’s yard sale for a mere 10 buckaroos! 10 bucks!  Can you believe it?  Maybe you can.  But I couldn’t.  So, we plugged it in, got her started and waited for the smell of burning plastic and acrid smoke…but none came.  Last night was the first night I was able to really try her out.  I decided to not start with anything wimpy like pudding and went straight for mashed potatoes.  Worked like a charm.  Sure she’s a little loud, a little grumpy, and a little off center but I like her.  I can relate to the off centeredness.  Until something else comes along or she give up the ghost, Sunbeam Sally is my gal.


2 thoughts on “I’m a little Retro…

  1. My mom has a sunbeam! In that taupe color too! I love it. The new Kitchenaides kind of make me sad and nostalgic.

    Happy baking!

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