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Saturday Afternoon

After starting the day off at the Farmer’s Market, we decided that we couldn’t pass up such a beautiful day.  So we headed up into the mountains for a lovely drive and walking in some sunshine.

We decided a drive through Cade’s Cove was in order.  After all we had promised to show Will and Emily everything, and besides…this is one of our favorite spots if you can’t tell.

Speed Racer was incredibly nice and let me take his picture several times, he’s such a good hubby.

Speed Racer found a teeny tiny baby frog!  He was adorable, and so was the frog.

Me and Em.  It was pretty toasty so I’m looking a little sweaty but happy to be there.  Em was one of the photographers at my wedding and does beautiful work.  She’s also one of my best buds…go ahead, you can say it…awwwwww.

She and Will just got engaged! Hooray!  Not right while they were sitting on this bench, but you know, a little while ago.  Speed Racer and I are so happy for them and can’t wait until the wedding.

We’re so weird.  Let me rephrase…I’m so weird.  But we had a really great time, it was the perfect thing to do on such a pretty day.  We headed back into town, got some dinner at Aubry’s (another of my favorites), and then headed back to the house to watch Tron.  You can’t beat a day like that.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon

  1. awww i love it! had such a fun time and I love the picture of us 🙂 and the ones of me and will too, haha. i seriously need a tan, though!

  2. Loved these pics. Loved the frog and the comment. Keep up your wierdness! How did I get such a handsome son in law?…

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