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Dish-o-the-Week: The Best Oatmeal You Have Ever Had

You might not think that something as plain as oatmeal can get your ticker going, but let me tell you, there are not enough words to describe how delicious this oatmeal is.  You’re going to do backflips.  It’s that good, I promise.  Disclaimer: Apologies for the pictures, they are not my best but it was both really late when I took them and then really really early.

Part of what makes this oatmeal so fantastic is that it is pretty hands free.  You make it the night before in a crock pot, let it simmer all night and then it’s hot and ready when you wake up!  It’s perfect for guests or just when you don’t feel like making  breakfast, and it smells amazing in the morning.  So let’s get down to business of how it’s made so that you can get started.

Things you will need: Steel cut oats or Irish oats (this is very important if  you use any kind of quick oats you will get nothing but mush.  Steel cut oats are sold in most grocery stores so they shouldn’t be too hard to find), cream, cinnamon, and vanilla.

First you will want to spray the sides of your crock pot because it will stick to the edge.  Then add the amount of oats and water described on the back of the package for the amount of servings you would like.  Add either 1/2 a cup of cream or 1/2 extra water.  Cream if you want it to be delicious–Water if you want to be healthy.  You need this because the oatmeal will dry out a little otherwise.  Add the amount of cinnamon and vanilla you desire.  I usually cover the top of the liquid with cinnamon and add a cap full of vanilla.

Stir together, put on the lid and cook on low for about 8 hours.

When you wake up at 5:30am (or earlier) the smell will be amazing.  It’ll help you feel ready for the day.

In the next few photos mine does look a little watery but that’s because I time it for when Speed Racer wakes up.  It will continue to thicken up.  Also it does thicken up some once you add your topping because that helps to absorb the water.

You can choose any toppings your heart desires.  I like to add raisens, craisens, honey, and walnuts.  Speed Racer doesn’t like the walnuts as much and he likes to add chocolate chips to his.  Which I have tried and I must say is decadent.  Now, if  you can all agree on what toppings you would like to have you can go ahead and add them to the whole pot so they get nice and chewy.

I know it doesn’t look that amazing in the picture, but it really is soooo good.  A word of warning however, I would not add your toppings the night before because they will disintegrate over night.

There you have it!  Believe me, this is an easy morning recipe that will have you going back for second and thirds.


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