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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Last Sunday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day!  It was also Easter, if you didn’t catch that…but obviously Easter was dwarfed by the fantasticness that IS Pinhole Photography Day.  And yes, I said fantasticness.  You may be asking yourself, “Why is pinhole photography important?  What is pinhole photography?  What’s it all about?”  Well, dear reader, I will tell you.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is celebrated the last Sunday of April each year.  A pinhole photograph is an image created by a lens-less camera.  Instead of a lens there is literally, just a small tiny pinhole.  The great part about pinhole is that it is both extremely simple photography and extremely creative photography.  Not only are you limited because you can’t zoom and your focus is crazy, but a lot of those factors are determined by what you make your pinhole camera out of.  I have heard tale of pinhole cameras being made from vans, red bell peppers, boxes, and even small canisters that you can put in your mouth and use your lips as the shutter.  It’s insanity people!! And it’s tons of fun.  Steve-o, my photography professor in college, was big into pinhole and I guess he passed a little of that passion onto me.  For more on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (or WPPD as us cool kids call it) check out, there’s a gallery of images from this years event.  There are also a lot of images up on flickr as well.  For more on how to make your own pinhole camera check out  Now go have fun, get creative, and feel free to share any and all pictures you take.


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