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Raintree Nursery

For the past two Christmas’ Speed Racer’s Aunt Laura gave us a gift certificate to Raintree Nursery.  This is a fantastic edible plant nursery based in Washington State.  You can check out their website or sign up for a catalog at  Our order came in a couple weeks ago and I finally got everything planted.  Several of our plants will take years to bear fruit, but they are still lovely.

A dwarf blueberry bush…

Some lavender….

A cute little dwarf peach tree…

Golden Flame Honeysuckle…

This one is a Japanese vine…I can’t remember the name, sorry!

Emerald carpet…

And last but not least, two different types of day lilies.  I’m so excited to see how these plants grow and look around our home.  Many thanks to Aunt Laura for her generosity that will give us joy and color for years to come.  And with that I will leave you with some of the color that’s blooming right now.


One thought on “Raintree Nursery

  1. lovely!! i’ll let Aunt Laura know you featured her and her gifts! and that you have made such good use of them! 🙂

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