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Many of you know I’m a big fan of The Pioneeer Woman.  This week on Pioneer Woman Photography she is hosting a contest for photos of “Sisters.”  Now as she mentions, and we all know, there are many women in your life that can qualify as sisters who may not actually be your blood sisters.  I grew up without sisters, although I love my brothers, I always missed out on having a sister.

So it got me thinking about all the ladies in my life who have meant so much to me.  I’ve always gotten along with boys a little bit better because I’m a bit of a Tom Boy, but there are some woman that I just couldn’t live without.

The more I researched on my computer though, the more I realized I don’t have pictures of myself with these women, or even pictures of them at all!  Many of these pictures are buried somewhere in our house and not digital.  Many of them I’m the one holding the camera, or, embarrassingly enough, I just didn’t take a picture!!  While researching this I realized that I don’t even have pictures of just me with my sister in laws.  Now maybe this is a sneaky conspiracy on their part to avoid my camera (I’m catching on Pockets and Olie).  But this is just sad folks.  Why did I not take the time at a photoshoot, wedding, or get together to turn the camera around and document a time with these ladies I love?  Things are gonna start to change, and I’m warning all you ladies out there…be prepared.

SO here are a few of the ones I could find on my laptop.  NOTE: If you are not in this selection it does NOT mean I don’t love you or consider you my sister.  It means I either didn’t take a picture with you recently, or it’s buried in my basement.  Perhaps I will do a little digging and scanning and find a few of these blasts from the past.  There may be an update to this post comin’ your way shortly.  Until then, enjoy these.

If you have a lovely lady that has meant a lot to you in your life, feel free do a shout out in the comments.  I’d love to hear your stories and adventures.


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