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E is for Elephant.  I don’t know how many times I said that this morning.  Learning the alphabet is an important part of children growing up, but it can also be a helpful exercise for photographers.  Not just because, “Me photographer, me need to know how to speak and write,” but for many reason.

The other day I went out and about Knoxville and tried to find letters.  I had a specific word in mind because that helped me focus a little bit more.

But you would be surprised how hard it is to find letters, “in nature.”

I love this exercise because it makes you look at the world differently.  It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I encourage you to try this, even without a camera!  It really helps you “see” objects not just how they are but as how you would like them to be. (Deep, right?)  So in the end I ended up with the word I wanted.

I’m still going to play around with the letters more, and also try to find some more letters.  Feel free to share what you find!


One thought on “ABCs

  1. This is great! What a different approach to looking at the world! I knew something good would come out of this babysitting job!

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