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The Boys Are Back in Town

So that title isn’t completely accurate, the boys were back in town and have now left again, is a little better.  While I was catching up on girl talk and celebrating Father’s Day, Speed Racer was out having a “Boys Only” weekend.  There was canoeing, there were guns, there was mockery, and there was laughter…sounded like an overall good time.  Wish I could have stuck around a little bit longer before they kicked me out, I love being one of the guys, but alas, they needed to talk man talk.  But here are some pictures I snapped before I left.

Obviously you know Speed Racer…

Mr. B…

The Preacher…


And hiding back there is Mr. Hokie.

After a crazy weekend, we high tailed it back to Knoxville.  But before Mr. B left the next morning we got a chance to show him Norris.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend!  It was great to see so many old friends, both Speed Racer and I miss them a lot.


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