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Marriage, that dream within a dream.

This weekend is our anniversary weekend!  It has officially been a year since Speed Racer and I tied the knot.  I was feeling particularly excited about it yesterday.  I was working on our wedding album, we were listening to our wedding mix, and then Speed Racer (to show how much he loved me and how excited he was for our anniversary) sent me this photo:

(Photo by C.P.Storm and can be found on flickr HERE)

Isn’t he sweet?  In all seriousness though, it’s pictures like these that make me love him more and more because laughter is such a huge part of our marriage.  We’ve got big plans to kick back and relax, so stay tuned for more anniversary updates on Monday.  Have a fabulous weekend.


One thought on “Marriage, that dream within a dream.

  1. he shared that quote with us at dinner on Tuesday! so “Zach”! a lot of truth to it, but as you say, marriage is truly a “dream within a dream” and we learn more of the beauty and wounds of our partners every day – going deeper and deeper through the layers of the onion and discovering just how much we love them and why..

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