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How Did I get Here? Part IV

Graduation came and went.  At first I was determined to live purely off of my fine art photography, but as I continued my job at a local pool for the summer, I realized that some other cash would be necessary.  I mean, I do have a shoe habit that needs cash to be fed.  And there are lots of pretty shoes I still do not have.

(It was a horrible, rainy day, and as I came down the ramp a huge gust of wind blew a puddle of  water off the tent and onto me and the girl in front of me.  She looked pretty worried, I thought it was hillarious.)

Not only did I have a shoe habit that needed aide, but I realized how much I love to take portraits.  I love capturing people, whether it’s a couple, a wedding, a family, super cute babies, or goofy pets.  So I set out to take me some portraits.  My first test subjects were my previous boss Krissy, and her two adorable children.  Krissy works for SwimKids Swim School as well as teaching for George Mason University.  If you live in the Northern Virginia area, you should definitely check out SwimKids.  I had never before seen a 4 year old do butterfly, let alone teach a 4 year old to do butterfly.  They have a fantastic program, and I know 100% it has saved childrens lives.  They teach, safety, Mommy and Me classes, as well as competitive swimming.  And their instructors are the nicest, friendliest people you will ever meet.  SO, Krissy let me borrow her and her children for one of my favorite portrait shoots.

Krissy, Nayarit and Thrace

One of my favorite parts of a shoot that involves children, is when the kids finally start to relax around you and forget that you are there.  Then the great pictures start to flow, and their personalities start popping out.  It’s a ton of fun.  More Posts from the Past to come!


3 thoughts on “How Did I get Here? Part IV

  1. Beth! These pictures are fantastic! I’m not even super fond of kiddos but the mid-air throw one is undeniably cute! Oh and don’t worry about that shoe habit…your secret is safe with me 😉

  2. WOW! that baby in the air shot!!! and yes, when they finally forget you are there – these are priceless – i know Krissy will treasure them forever and the kids too when they are old enough to appreciate – what a gift through your own gifts to them – do MORE of this!!!

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