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How Did I get Here? Part II

After I got back from Zimbabwe, I was back at school with a new found determination.  I loved (and still love) the Art Department.  I had amazing professors who were not only my professors, but my mentors and friends.  I still keep in touch with a few of them, and they still push me in my artistic career.  There were many times I woke up from an all nighter, to the sound of my professors cowboy boots coming down the hall, and my face half glued to the sculpture table.  Sometimes they would do something as simple for me as a pat on the back when I was having a bad day, understanding a sickness I had, sharing a good laugh, or even sometimes a meal after a long day in the studio…they were always there for me.  They changed me for life.  College in general is such a life altering process, that it’s difficult to explain, but we all experience that change.

Some of my work in school was a little crazy, different, weird, wild, or anything else you would like to call it, but that’s what art school is about!  It’s about trying different things even if they are weird, or even if they don’t work out.  But you learn from each and every piece.  You learn about mistakes, manipulation, what you like or don’t like, what OTHER people like and don’t like, and what matters to you and why.

I learned about Photojournalism from being the Photo Editor for the school newspaper.  Doing photojournalism taught me how to constantly pay attention and catch the little moments.   So here are some different pieces from all my different classes as well as some photos from the newspaper.

One of my favorite sculptures, that I actually got an award for, I apparently do not have any pictures of.  Hopefully my parents have some?

So I why do you care what I did in art school?  You probably don’t.  BUT  each class I took affected who I am, and what my photography has become today.  And the great thing is that this continues outside of school, each portrait session, each wedding, each weird project, I learn more and I change more…and we can only hope, get better.


One thought on “How Did I get Here? Part II

  1. my hero Bob Ross once said something along the lines of (and is one of my favorite quotes), “If you don’t like your painting, don’t like the work you did, that’s okay because it’ll only be more motivation and inspiration to make you want to improve on your next work of art; and you’ll be proud of what you did.”

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