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Today I navigated (or rather the British Lady living inside my GPS navigated) my way through 4 states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.  It took about 8 hours and I’m not gonna lie when I say that I was thrilled to be back in Tennessee.  I’m a little exhausted at the moment.  However, I had a fabulous trip, full of family, fun and fondue!  But there will be  more on that later, I promise.

What amazed me was how glad I was to be home.  Now, I love adventure, I love travel, and I’m not one to stay at home all the time…

but when I opened the door and Miss Sookie and Miss Briscoe came rushing towards me, I was pretty excited.  Not to mention the great smooch I got from Speed Racer.

(Kinda like that…)

It’s not amazing to love being home, everyone loves being with the ones they love, but what was amazing was that this felt like home.  We moved to Knoxville a little over a year and a half ago and I think it has taken that long for it to feel like my home.  Don’t get me wrong, I still get home sick for the mountains where Speed Racer and I fell in love, but I am getting pretty fond of Knoxville and this house.  I love our house.

This was Speed Racer’s Grandfather’s house.  It means a lot to us to be able to live here.  Although we are doing a lot of updates it’s been fun to make it our own as well as have memories to build on.  Coming home is a wonderful feeling, whether home is where you actually live, or to someone you love, or somewhere you haven’t been for a long time.  Home is where we make it, whether it’s built or in the heart.

And on that note, there are some adorable kitties who are begging to be cuddled with, and it’s good to be home.


2 thoughts on “Exhausti-fied

  1. I need to start remembering to check this, not just when you put it up on Buzz. What was your trip for? I am so glad that you came home and it felt like home. Please say hello to Speed Racer and the kitties for me. 🙂 Love you!

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