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Moment of Zen

I’ve been rushing around all morning trying to get ready to go on a trip to the grand state of Illinois!  I’m going to visit my brother Jack, and his lovely wife Scientist Lady.  I’m super excited because Sweet Lucy and Little Bear will be there as well.  There is nothing like packing to get your heart going, especially last minute packing (sorry Speed Racer, I know I should have packed last night but I was too content on the couch with you…eating my second helping of strawberries).  So, even though I really need to get going, I thought I would leave you with, as Jon Stewart says, “A Moment of Zen.”

For all of you that have been rushing all morning, just trying to get your day started.  Take a moment and just picture yourself here.  The silence around you, the cool air on your skin, just you and nature.  Take a deep breath and let it out, it’s going to be a good day.


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