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Some Characters to Know…

Here are some characters, that may or not be mentioned in the blog.  Roll Call!

My Speed Racer…well and me in the reflection, but mainly Speed Racer.

Little Ms. Sookie…

And her partner in crime, Ms. Brisco.

My Parents, Sweet Lucy and Little Bear.

And my Brother’s Warnie and Jack. I also have sisters-in-law that may make some cameo appearances, but I want to run that by them first, I don’t want them mad at me…I like them.

And Chief Bald Eagle, back from my black and white days…which will hopefully come again soon.

I’m sure there will be other cameos too, but we’ll start with this bunch.  Also just fyi, all these nicknames were not made up for the blog, they’re actual nicknames.


3 thoughts on “Some Characters to Know…

  1. I’d like to know how your brother’s got their names hahaha. Somehow trying to figure them all out seems funny, but then again the way I see most things is humorous in nature…

  2. Are your brothers nicknamed after Warnie and Jack, a.k.a. Clive Staples Lewis? If so, I am envious that I don’t have my own brothers to nickname so awesomely. And I miss you.

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