Mary Beth

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I love doing one on one shoots.  There is a different pace when its just you and your model that slows everything down and it’s a time to connect.  When Speed Racer’s Cousin, Mary Beth, asked me if I could take some portraits of her for a modeling agency she is using, I was thrilled!  Number one reason?  Because she’s gorgeous.  Number two reason?  Because she’s gorgeous.  Number three reason?  I like to hang out with my models, so it was a great excuse for a day to just have fun together despite our busy schedules.

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Still Moments 4.4.14

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To me, there is absolutely nothing like starting my day off with a warm drink.  It’s one of my few daily rituals that I stick to.  I also realized this morning that it’s one of the few Still Moments that I have everyday and it always starts the day off right.  My morning usually starts very early and there is something about making coffee or pouring tea that calms, rejuvenates, and prepares me for the day ahead.  It’s a time where I contemplate the dreams that are still on the edge of my consciousness and turn my thoughts to what’s in store.


We all need morning moments that speak to us whether it’s coffee, prayer or meditation, or maybe lacing up your shoes for a run.  What is yours?  I encourage you to revel in your personal still moment this morning and start today feeling reawakened.


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IMG_7273 bw copy


As a professional photographer its incredibly important to me not to forget to capture my everyday life.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a side of my brain that never stops taking pictures.  I see them EVERYWHERE and try to capture the most I can.  But there are times when I get so focused on work, bookings, editing etc, that I forget to take a breath and look around me.

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Meeting Maddox

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Earlier this week I was so excited and thrilled to get to meet the newest addition to a client and friend’s family.  On my way over to The Women’s Pavillion I was full of questions.  What is this little man going to be like? Does he look like his Dad?  Does he look like his Mom?  I couldn’t wait to meet this new little person.


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Let’s talk Beauty

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IMG_6584 copy


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…famous saying but something that I don’t totally agree with.  As a photographer one of my favorite aspects of my job is to show my clients (and the world) the beauty that I see in people.  So, bear with me for a moment as I get on my soap box about how beautiful you are.


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Jacob & Morgan’s Surprise Engagement Session

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One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting to share in those intimate and epic moments in my clients lives.  Moments like the birth of a child, their first kiss as husband and wife, the anticipation of a new child, or in this case, the moment they decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

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Four Generations

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I absolutely love when I hear from a client that I have worked with several times before.  It’s so much fun to see their lives change, families grow, and be part of some really big moments in their lives.  So I was thrilled when I heard from Tiffany, asking me if I would do a Four Generations shoot for the women in her family.

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